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About Us

Bravio Consulting is a part of Bravio Group, LLC, a Medford, Oregon business built on the principle of helping small business ventures to grow, expand and be profitable. Our focus here is on education, training and information for owners and entrepreneurs who want to do it themselves and just need a push in the right direction. Sometimes this is through books, videos, templates and worksheets. Other times it is by step-by-step planning and coaching for a specific goal or outcome.

How does this all work? Well, it all starts with a conversation just to talk about what your unique goals and needs may be. From there, it can proceed in a number of different ways using either a hands-on or hands-off approach.

After an initial consultation to explore your goals and objectives and telling us a little about your business, we’ll present an analysis with specific areas where we can help. If you’d like to take it further, we can create a custom strategy and step-by-step plan for your unique business needs. These typically include a detailed work plan with timelines, projections, expected results and options. Your investment for our level of involvement and the costs to implement will be fully understood and agreed on before any work begins. Plus, we’re confident enough that you’ll be thrilled with what we help you accomplish that we offer a no-risk money back guarantee on all work performed for you.

If you’re ready to transform your business and “take it around the block” to see what it can do, just give us a call or email today.

The Bravio Group was started in 2015 to help businesses with their marketing and design efforts, it quickly became clear that there was a need to help small business owners that are struggling to do it all themselves. The greatest design and marketing efforts will not help if a business is in the middle of growing pains and struggling to keep up. Having been there himself, founder Ken Seaney began to help his clients change their mindsets, habits and techniques to ones that wore more profitable and efficient though simplifying complex problems. His experience at starting and running successful businesses has helped others to gain the confidence, skills, and understanding of how a successful venture should operate and how to quickly take action in their own businesses.

“I want to help your business be the success you envisioned when you started it. If I can, I want to be a part of the process that allows you to recognize and overcome the challenges you face - the obstacles keeping you from getting what you want from your business - that’s the true payoff for me. To see the light come on in a weary entrepreneur’s eyes; to feel their excitement when they start to see the changes in their business, to watch as they began to realize and capitalize on the opportunities and resources that they possessed all along…. well, that’s just a bonus!”

We have helped a number of business here in the Rogue Valley including: Haze Custom Cycles, King Hat Pinstriping Studio & Gallery, Rusty Bucket Brewing, The Medford Gun Club, The Rogue Skate Cartel and Pear Blossoms junior roller derby teams, and more. We’ve also worked with and continue to help other small businesses outside Oregon also, and look forward to serving your business, too.

To reach our team at Bravio Consulting or the Bravio Group, please call 541-210-9521 today. If you would like to reach Ken Seaney directly, please email

Ken Seaney

As the owner of the Bravio Group, Ken is passionate about helping other business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. He started the business in 2015 after serving as president and CEO of an online printing company for fifteen years, a company which he founded. In his time there, his direction and leadership helped the company reach the high six-figures in annual revenue. Previous to that, he ran a successful graphic design firm and worked for advertising agencies, marketing agencies and printing companies in San Diego, California.

As a graphic artist and illustrator, his work has been featured on numerous album covers, packaging and books, including Eating For Beauty by David Wolfe and Opeth’s Deliverance and Damnation CDs. Other accomplishments include a successful tenure at Taylor Guitars and creating the Crossfire electric banjo when he worked for the Deering Banjo Company in his teens.

He has recently completed the 30-Day Time Management System - a book and accompanying workbook - to help busy business owners help themselves with one of the biggest challenges that they face each day. For more information and a free download of his other time management guide, Time Management and Productivity Techniques for Small Business Owners, click here.

In his spare time, Ken enjoys fishing on the Rogue River, camping with his family, building and playing various stringed instruments and riding custom motorcycles.

You can reach him by email at or by phone at 541-210-9521

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