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Want to be Found on the Internet? Use Google Plus.


Getting your business to rank high on the google listings is a big goal for most businesses, and why wouldn’t it be? Hubspot Blogs found that 75% percent of users never click links past the first page, so getting up there is pretty important. But how do you do that?


Simple. Use Google +


Google + is a social media site like none other. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you’re able to have an account specifically for your business that is free to interact with and sell to your customers.

You can seek out people that have similar interests as your brand and connect with them. You can easily share content, updates, promotions, and photos of your business or of content that relates to both the users and you. The more you share, the more your content is seen, and the more it can be shared to others that can connect to you.


Communities are another feature of Google + which can boost your G+ standings. Communities are pages of a specific subject that you can manage where both you and the followers can post content to. By followers posting and sharing content under your community, you can guarantee your posts will be seen by even more users

You can also host free, high quality video calls through Hangouts. This allows you to share videos or do live calls with some of your customers. If making customers feel connected and trusting of your business will make them more willing to buy (which it is), then hosting video calls is a great way to do it.


Another way to keep people connecting to you is including a Google +1 button on your site. According to Hubspot, people are 3.5 times more likely to find and view your Google+ than if you didn’t.

Better than that, the more you use those circles and connections, the more you’re prioritized on google. This will do wonders to your search engine results and get you ranking high.
Yes it is another social media site to keep track of and yes it seems odd, but out of all of them, this one will give back the most. The user base of Google + has been skyrocketing since it’s release. If you can build up your presence there, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor when users follow you over a competitor in your market.

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